Some personal reflections

After so many years to contemplate the present panorama and of to have tried some technique with spots and great expressiveness, non encounter something completely contemporary that inspires as to dedicate me a to me as much it.
After as much undergoing (“NULLA SINE TRAGGEDIA GLORIA”) finally encounter the way. Now already I know, where and how to go…

Everything has become clear suddenly. First that it represents the man, in the beginnings of the civilizations, is not neither the more nor less than to itself. He is innate. The boy represents his resemblances. it outlines and it summarizes, but always they are recognizable. The human face is the more gratuitous symbol. Just by to see two points, we want them to associate to the eyes.
The subject that never has been years making the rounds to me and I dare to approach, it is the picture. The picture, is direct and intelligible. One was to look for an agreed syntax the contemporary art. To flee from the excess of work. To look for the concrete spot, directed to relate a face, but not to photograph it.


This has’nt not only finished, but it has just begin. Like whenever with himself something, I little realize of which I know, of which I need to cross and to learn. In the last five years, no they have been in vain. It would be cynical to declare. many doors have been opened to me, doors that lead to other so many ways. Long and laborious ways, but plenty also of satisfactions.
I only know that I don’t know anything.